Socio-economical aspects

Socio-economic, psychological and historical approaches of vascular aging (WP6) : J Wittwer, A Fourrier-Réglat, C Helmer, P Gorry, M Griot, D Berdaï, A Ravaud, N Moore, T Couffinhal, A Bikfalvi, E Roux, M Koleck, N Rascle, S Bernadet (CNRS UMR 5113; Inserm U657; Inserm U897; Inserm U1029; Inserm U1034)

Cellules endothéliales Cellules endothéliales

  • Econonomical aspects Evaluation of the medical cost of vascular pathologies
  • Angiogenesis inhibitors: Intellectual property rights & drug pricing
  • Anti-angiogenic drug effects and vascular ageing
  • Vascular aging and quality of life – An integrative model of health psychology
  • Philosophical view and History of vascular knowledge and vascular disease description 

Updated on 09/06/2016